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Deborah Perlman


2021, Paper and adhesive collage, 11.5 x 8.75 in

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#DeborahPerlman is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and is currently based in Hollywood, Florida. A  graduate of Boston University (BFA) and Cranbrook Academy of Art (MFA), Perlman is influenced by her training in sculpture. She works with paper and adhesive to create bas-relief art that explores the  dynamics of space, light, shape, and form. Juxtaposing various elements in each piece, Perlman highlights their points of contact and the shadows they cast, telling the story of how these elements  relate to each other and their surroundings.

“New Boundaries #3” is from Deborah Perlman’s current series of collages that depict ‘almost-but-not-quite  real’ places, somewhere between authentic and imagined, challenging the viewer to push their  own boundaries of what they believe may be real – or not. In these pieces, Perlman invites the  viewer into the space and compels them to consider: where is it? What is it? do they find themselves in  it, or not? what is seen; what is felt?

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