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Elaine Defibaugh


2020, Mixed media photograph on aluminum with fluorescent paint markers, 19 x 13 in

Click on the image for full view.

As an artist, I am inspired by the transitional world that we experience. Particularly, about the relationship between natural and man-made environments. The juxtaposition between manufactured and organic drives me to find the layers behind each of these respective worlds, especially when we look through the lens of science and technology. I’m interested in seeing if these worlds can co-exist and not destroy each other. That being said I’m inspired & driven to find a balance myself as an artist and occupant of this amazing & fragile world I co-exist in.

As a creative, I am inspired to use my talent to investigate patterns from science, nature and art. When I consider the beauty of the ocean, a mountain side or a lush forest, I become cognizant of the story that may exist there.  My work is driven by my desire to discover the layers and stories in these spaces.

My process begins with the photograph which is printed on various substrates.  I then rework the images with paint markers.  That image is printed on another substrate such as wallpaper, fabric or aluminum.  I again go back and rework that image with fluorescent markers and illuminate under UV light to give a feeling of a night dive.

My goal is to invite my viewers into a complex 4D world that includes the typical visual layers, but also has the textual stories, and an exploration of our environment.

Elaine Defibaugh had a solo exhibition at the Frost Museum of Science, Miami in 2018. Additional group exhibitions include: the ArtPrize 10, Grand Rapids, MI, Fresh Out of Storage, New York, and the Deering Estate, Miami.

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