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Jill Weisberg


2019,Vintage magazine, pencil, holographic and pearlescent paper, sequins, eyeshadow, and gel medium on wood, 12 x 12 in

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Jill Weisberg is a contemporary artist based in South Florida. Her paintings and large-scale public installations call attention to feminine types and stereotypes interlaced with more challenging notions of feminist theory. The base material of shimmering, reflective nail polish coloring the anonymous silhouettes of dancers, strippers and pulp fiction models produces a double-effect. Shades of polish in magenta, violets, steel blues, and silvers are just as seductive, easily transferable, and as fleeting as the unnamed women whose forms they fill. (VoyageMIA)

Weisberg received both her BFA and MFA in Graphic Design from Florida Atlantic University in 1994 and 2010, respectively. She was awarded a Creative Investment Program Grant from the Broward Cultural Division for She Comes First: an exterior, type-based public art installation.

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