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Pip Brant


2012, Three pillows: dyed shibori linen, discharged text and images, 18 in each

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Pip Brant uses a wide variety of materials that best address absurd developments or situations with an element of interruption. This includes live animals, bad music, fibers, installation and painting. Brant has degrees from the University of Montana (BFA) and the University of Wyoming (MFA). She grew up on the western Plains Indian reservations (Sioux, Cheyenne, Assiniboine) where the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Public Health employed her family. She has taught, herded goats and produced art in Montana, Wyoming, London, and Missouri and in 1999 moved to Florida to take a teaching position at Florida International University. She has exhibited in Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, and London as well as nationally, including venues in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, as well as the western states. Recently, she has been exhibiting in the Basel Art Fair affiliated Ping Pong exhibitions that feature artists from Switzerland/LA/Miami. Brant currently is an associate professor at FIU, teaching painting and fibers. In 2003, she won the South Florida Cultural Consortium for VIsual and Media arts.

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