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Randy Burman


2009, Assemblage of sanded wood, resin tile, license plate, bent sheet metal and cloth, 14 x 8.5 x 3 in, 1 of a series of 7

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Conceptual artist, graphic designer, and cultural interventionist,  Randy Burman recently completed his two largest works to date. Called “Poems to the Sky,” the work, commissioned by O’Miami’s Poetry Festival, consists of huge poems painted on Miami rooftops within flight paths for window seat passengers to discover if they happen to look down when flying in or out of Miami International Airport. Previous collaborations with O’Miami included “Poetry Pops,” poems printed on frozen pop wrappers and given away for free at local cultural events, and the Department of Poetry Works, where poetry street signs were fabricated and guerilla-installed in Miami-Dade County neighborhoods.

Whether graphic design or a work of art, the processes are most often exercises in identifying how communication will be perceived and the simplifying of concepts and gestures to amplify the metaphorical essence. Burman was awarded the Miami New Times Mastermind Award in 2015.

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