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Sara Stites


2021, Oil paint on wood panel, 40 x 30 in

Click on the image for full view.

“Using mostly functional objects from the studio, I have been building precarious, tentative “sculptures” in front of drawings and paintings that contain figurative elements as well as marks and erasures. These sculptural objects mimic, in 3 dimensions, the hue and form articulated in the drawing. Manipulation of the light source and shadows further a process of refinement and integration, particularly when the result has been photographed as the final “artifact” of the process.

Objects, like a careful drawing, become democratized when considered within my photos where other materials are placed alongside the drawing. I celebrate the studio through the use of detritus, whatever is at hand, waiting to be repurposed in the photograph. The imagery becomes a melding of abstraction and representation, always considering gravity, air and light.”

#SaraStites is based in Miami and Maine. Recent exhibitions include: “Florida Biennial” Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, “Journey”, Under the Bridge, Miami, and “Temporality” Center for Maine Contemporary Art.

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