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Aida Tejada

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

In my interdisciplinary work, I explore the notions of the self, the crowd, the otherness, and their entanglement with society's power dynamics and environmental issues. These interactions form a vicious circle—victims and executioners of our actions—shaping our conscious and unconscious emotional experiences.

All imagery in my photography work steam from trivial scenes I photograph around me. The decontextualization of the subjects and the repetition of images--people, urban capes, and liminal spaces-- become the setting for my stories allowing me to create new dream-like stories with open-ended narratives.

In most of my work, I use up-cycled materials to create awareness and urgency for sustainability in our over-consumption societies. The process is a critical aspect of my practice. My intuition and the materials' agency work in tandem in each piece. The physicality creating the multiple layers of the materials' expression is a metaphor for human skin.

My work reflects a continuous introspection of human emotions and experiences entangled with the multiple realities we encounter in our contemporary societies. - Aida Tejada

Native of the Dominican Republic, Aida Tejada has been working in art for more than fifteen years. Her degrees in Psychology and Communication, combined with her multicultural background, shaped her visual vocabulary. While she is well versed in traditional photography, her artistic inclination from the start has been experimental and multimedia. Tejada has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and three solo shows. Her work has been awarded several times, including ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists) First place in 2017, and Best on Show in 2019. The Artist has been granted with two art residencies—Deering Estate in 2014, and Studios in the Mile, curated by Dr. Carol Damien in 2020. Her work has been selected to participate in The Florida Biennial 2022. She lives in Miami, FL. Along with her studio work, she teaches experimental photography. Currently, Tejada is a student in the MFA Fine Arts Low Residency Program at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Massart), Boston, MA.

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