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Living in Oblivion: An artistic examination of our time

Sat., Feb. 18 – Sun., May 14, 2023

Opening Reception: Sat. February 18 | 5 - 8 pm
Admission - $7 | Members - FREE
Refreshments Served

Curated by Meaghan Kent


Living in Oblivion: an artistic examination of our times investigates and identifies the problematics of information and misinformation through the presentation of research-based artwork. Artwork included in the exhibition is created by artists that conduct their own research as well as collaborate with professionals in their respective fields. Additionally, the exhibition conveys information communicated by oral history as told through a variety of unique perspectives. The process encourages visitors to make decisions based on their own findings in seeking truths. It also allows an understanding of how powerful information can be when conveyed visually.

Participating Artists:

Priscilla Aleman, Javier Barrera, Rebecca Hackemann, Jason Katz, Laura Mongiovi, Onajide Shabaka, Lauren Shapiro

Wooden Furnitures
Wooden Furnitures

Living in Oblivion: An artistic examination of our times is supported by Funding Arts Broward (FAB!) and the National Endowment for the Arts

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