Art and Cultur Center Historical Building


The Home of the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood is located in the former home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kagey, a founding family in Hollywood.  The mansion was built in 1924 and is a beautiful example of Mediterranean Revival architecture.  It is one of Hollywood’s first show-place homes and was completed a year before the City of Hollywood was incorporated.  


Jack Kagey was the sales manager of Joseph W. Young’s Hollywood Land and Water Company.  He earned the seed money to build the home by winning a contest held by Young for his salesmen during the height of the 1920s real estate boom.  The Kageys were in the home for just two years when, in September 1926, the structure withstood a devastating hurricane that ended the land boom.  Some of the special features of the Kagey mansion are the Batchelder tiles in the fountain in the main gallery, a central tower, the hip roof with Spanish clay tiles, the second floor balcony with Norman double arches, a balconette, and a rough stucco wall finish.  

The mansion continued to be used as a private residence until 1960, when it was converted into a funeral home and doubled in size to 12,000 square feet.  The expansion included the addition of a chapel along the east side, which later became the Center’s main gallery.  Many of the home’s original features from the 1920s are retained, such as the glass doorknobs, wrought-iron railings, tiles on the second-floor balcony, wood moldings and floors, and arches.  In January of 1990, the mansion was purchased by the City of Hollywood to become the new home of the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, which was previously located in a building on Hollywood Beach.  The mansion was renovated with private and historical grant monies and opened on February 2, 1992. 

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood now serves as a cultural landmark for both its contemporary visual arts programming and for the distinctive character of the structure.  In 2008, the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation honored the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood for its stewardship of the Kagey mansion.  The building is currently designated by the State of Florida as a significant historical structure and is forever to be held for public enjoyment by city government.