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Alissa Alfonso


2020, Textile, 20 x 32 x 2 in

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Alissa Alfonso creates beautiful objects that repurpose the past in order to speak to the future. A talented and curious visual artist,Alfonso is an old soul devoted to preserving the natural world as well as a mother of three, a collector of vintage Asian kitsch, achildren’s clothing designer, a self-proclaimed trash-picker, and a master of DIY décor. Her projects often seek to involve other artistsand members of her community, reflecting an awareness of social ecosystems that echoes her love for nature.

Alfonso is currently working on a series of large, fabric wall art murals, sculpting and firing clay lamp bases, welding frames, and making soft sculpture lampshades to create a functional lighting series with forms inspired by mushrooms. Compelling and often dualistic, her work recognizes lost and disappearing natural elements while celebrating nature’s simple beauty, reminding viewers of the abundance, growth, possibility, and secret wisdom available for those willing to look.

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