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Past Exhibitions


Close up tapestry of Nick Mahshie's work dark grey, pink and light orange
Sat., June 4 -
Fri., September 30, 2022
On View Through
Fri., September 30, 2022

Located in Gallery 3, Charles Jackson Adkins Jr. “Suggested Summer Reading” is a reflection on the ongoing censorship of literature found primarily in school systems throughout the nation.

BookBound The Art of Books and Printmaking logo
Choral Stories and the Collective Actions exhibition banner close up view of coral
Introspective A Reckoning of the Soul logo
Sat., Oct. 16, 2021 – Sun., Feb. 27, 2022
Sat., Oct. 16, 2021 -
Sun., Feb. 27, 2022
T. Eliott Mansa:
On Memory and the
Radical Black Imagination
A close up view of T. Eliott Mansa's work. Black piece on light grey background
13th Annual Exposed Exhibition and Fundraiser logo on a bright abstract background

Sat., Aug. 28 -  
Fri., Sept. 24, 2021

Exposed turns art patrons into art buyers during a fun and exciting night in which every ticket holder goes home with an artwork. This exhibition features over 70 artworks donated by artists for a thrilling closing-night. 

A close up view of Mark Fleuridor's  artwork cyan white and brown an older woman laying on a bed
Fri., June 5, -  
Fri., September 24, 2021
Mark Fleuridor:
Black Castor Oil
A collage of face mask from around the world
Fri., June 5, -  
Fri., September 24,2021
Masks: From the Faces of the World
Collection of Dr. Donna L. Goldstein
Artist + Identity logo as well as portraits of men and women portraying their alter identities.
Fri., June 5, -  
Sun., August 15, 2021
Artists + Identity:
Portraiture, Performance, Doppelgängers, and Disguise
Early Voices Logo
Mon., May 23 -
Mon., June 21, 2021
Located in the 
Community Gallery
Fractured Landscapes Branding

Sat., March 6 -  
Sun., May 16, 2021

The Center is pleased to present Fractured Landscapes with Cara Despain and Emanuel Tovar. The exhibition reveals work by two individual artists, Utah/Miami-based Despain and Guadalajara-based Tovar, that use similar methods to create formal and performative work that carry diverse meanings and themes. Despain and Tovar both approach a variety of actions such as fire, video, and photography using materials including rock, carbon, sand, and literature to articulate the fragile beauty of their natural environments.

Cloning the Ghost Javier Barrios

Sat., March 6 -  
Sun., May 16, 2021

The work of Javier Barrios at first appears seemingly decorative; flowers, landscapes, and beehives are made in intricate detail. But beyond the surface, they carry social and political undertones in their fictitious narratives. His drawings, sculptures, and installations are heavily research-based, incorporating geography, vegetation, and story-telling. His exhibition at the Center, Cloning the ghost, speaks to the relationships between human beings and nature, artist and work, as it stems from the artists’ three-year obsession with orchids.

Gallery view of the 2020 Florida Biennial
Fri., Nov. 6, 2020 -  
Sun., Feb. 21, 2021
NOW is the time /
The time is NOW


Paul Shortt and
Noelle Mason awarded
Artist Select solo exhibitions
during Biennial

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Upcoming Events

Open Dialogue Participants

Sat., Aug. 29 -  
Sun., Oct. 25, 2020

The project features an original gallery exhibition of a newly commissioned short documentary video directed by award-winning filmmaker Freddy Rodriguez. The exhibition will include artifacts from the Stonewall Museum & Archives in Wilton Manors and wall text by Hollywood-based author Julie Marie Wade. 

close up image of Rosa Naday Garmendia's work

Sat., Aug. 29 -  
Sun., Oct. 25, 2020

Rosa Naday Garmendia: Not So Far Away - No Tan Lejos remarks on the longstanding historical divisions between Cuba and the United States and is relevant to larger conversations about the shared experiences linked to the global dispersal of refugees and asylum-seekers, of erecting boundaries and border crossings, of voyaging, and the fault-lines and states of emergency – in a deeply divided world. The work investigates and respects both the complexities and the resilience of the immigrant experience.


Wed., Sept. 30 -  
Sun., Oct. 25, 2020



MAKE is an intimate journey into the lives of four American self-taught artists: Prophet Royal Robertson, Hawkins Bolden, Judith Scott and Ike Morgan. Isolated and struggling with the disabilities life has dealt them, these artists all find their most powerful voice through art. Using the simplest of materials, they each produce work that is both sublime and at the same time completely their own. 

Exposed Exhibition and Fundraiser

Sat., Aug. 29 -  
Fri., Sept. 25, 2020

Exposed will feature more than 70 contemporary artists in an exhibition that culminates with a closing-night draw that never fails to produce an adrenaline rush. Names are drawn one-by-one and when your name is called you choose any work of art that has not yet been selected. Everyone is a winner at this one-of-a-kind art event.

Time to Play Exhibition

Sat., June 6 -  
Sun., Aug. 16, 2020

Time to Play is a family-friendly exhibition of works by local and international artists that incorporates both visual objects and immersive art to encourage forms of play through education and creativity. From Modernist kinder play to current methods of virtual gaming, visitors are welcome to observe and relate to contemporary art through a dynamic lens.

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