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Sat., May 18 - Sun., Aug. 18, 2024


Sat., May 18 | 5 - 8 PM

Admission $7 | Members FREE

Refreshments will be served.

Photograph of a white buck created by Karey Walter
Karey Walter, Casper, 2023, Pigment print, Courtesy of the Artist

ANIMALS is an all-encompassing, interactive exhibition that looks at the animals around us and how human interaction plays a role in endangerment and survival. From domestic household pets to wild invasive or endangered species, animals are presented through various methods including painting, sculpture, mixed media, and video. This extensively curated collection seeks to unravel the mysteries behind these connections and convey the importance of the role of animals in our environment.


The spectrum of this exhibit also includes how animals have historically been depicted as symbols of prestige and religious icons. They often represent spiritual connection, imprinting into our lives through unspoken communication and connection.


Illustration of a persons hands holding a squirrel
Virginia Fifield, Squirrel in the Hand, 2024, Courtesy of the Artist

ANIMALS invites visitors to learn and identify species as they may partake in hands-on components of this exhibition, including scavenger searches and craft activities.


The exhibition is curated by Meaghan Kent, Curator of Exhibitions and Charles Jackson Adkins Jr., Assistant Curator


ANIMALS is supported by Funding Arts Broward (FAB!), Citizens Interested In The Arts, and the Lasdon Family Foundation.

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