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MARIELLE PLAISIR: The unbearable lightness of being

Sat., Feb. 18 - Sun., May 21, 2023

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood is pleased to present a new series of work by Marielle Plaisir. The new multi-media works are comprised of digital prints on archival paper, fabric, and embroidered beads. These elaborate works reveal hyper-realistic animals within the lush flora and fauna of the Caribbean landscape.

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Living in Oblivion: An artistic examination of our time

Sat., Feb. 18 – Sun., May 14, 2023

Living in Oblivion: an artistic examination of our times investigates and identifies the problematics of information and misinformation through the presentation of research-based artwork.

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MATT FOREHAND: They are known through conversation

Sat., Feb. 18 – Sun., May 21, 2023

The work of Matt Forehand is focused on ideas of heritage and how the environment is integral in our cultural identities.

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Abstracted: Francie Bishop Good, Karen Snouffer, and Sara Stites

Sat., June 3 – Sun., Aug. 6, 2023

Abstracted looks at the work of three multi-media artists: Francie Bishop Good, Karen Snouffer, and Sara Stites. These three artists all create vibrant paintings and sculptures to communicate open-ended ideas and themes while appreciating the physicality of artmaking.

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