Enjoy free admission to the galleries and an interactive STEAM-based art-making activity at the Center's monthly Free Arts! Family Day. Presented on the third Sunday of every month, Free Arts!  engages visitors of all ages in a theme-based art-making activity that encourages creativity and collaboration among families and friends. 

April Activity: Heroes Unite!

In honor of this month’s Superhero Day, leave your secret identity behind as you join us to construct your own piece of caped-costume flair! Wear your favorite superhero t-shirt or costume to complete your heroic look as you learn about the science of superheroes while collaboratively creating.

2020-2021 Dates​​​​​​
  • May 16
    Good Times! 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Gallery Open: noon - 4 pm

Exhibition On View:


March Activity

March Mad Scientist

Grab your make-believe lab coat and goggles and gear up to get mad, mad, mad about science and art with us. Friends and family will use common household items to create a mad scientist puppet of their very own to help

them on future investigations and explorations! Bring your curiosity to our “Creatin’ ‘n’ Experimentin’ Lab” to predict, observe and see what explodes!

Supply List:

  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • Construction Paper

  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Other Embellishments:
    Sequins, Gems, Yarn, etc. 

February's Activity

Beloved Community!

Celebrate the talents and gifts we all bring to our communities. Visitors will work together with friends and families as they create a personal collage showcasing their special gifts. Everyone will then have a chance to literally make their mark in our “Beloved Community” Community Gallery, by leaving behind a symbol of themselves in the creatively created communities crafted by all who attend! Come and be a part of this special day when you show us what parts of YOU to share with your own beloved community.

Supply List:

January's Activity

Creative Colaborations!

Looking for an exciting opportunity to create and collaborate with your friends and family? Create your very own tangram, a geometric puzzle made out of shapes you create! Gather your crew for an afternoon of problem-solving as you rotate, reorder and rearrange 7 different geometric cutouts to design a tan-gible work
of art.

Supply List:

December's Activity

Winter Quilt Weaving

Warm-up to winter with cozy quilting at the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood! Add the wonders of weaving to your engineer’s toolbelt as we learn the techniques and history of textiles. Follow along to create your own weaving in our Community Gallery during the last Free Arts! Family Day of 2020.

Supply List:

  • Construction Paper

  • Scissors

November's Activity

Soaring Through Migration

On Sunday, November 15, 2020, the Art and Culture Center celebrate the marvelous, fall migration of the monarch butterfly during Free Arts! Family Day at the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood! Learn about the jaw-dropping journey, lasting thousands of miles, that these delicate critters take from as far north as Canada all the way to Mexico each November. Then make your own adventuring arthropod creation to take home and share with friends and family.

Supply List:

  • Construction Paper

  • Wooden Stick

  • Crayons, colored pencils or markers

  • Glue or Tape

  • Scissors

October's Activity

Papel Picado Parade

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, the Art and Culture Center celebrated Dia de los Muertos during its monthly Free Arts! Family Days. During Octobers’s activity, Papel Picado Parade, guests worked together to create their very own papel picado, the traditional paper flags used to decorate for Dia de los Muertos and other celebrations in Mexico. 

Supply List:

  • Tissue Paper

  • Ribbon

  • Glue or Tape

  • Scissors

September's Activity

Find Your Guiding Star

In honor of International Peace Day, join the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood as we celebrate the peace-making heroes in our lives. Commemorate the harmony-maker of your life at September’s constellation-creating Free Arts! Family Day. Families will work together to create their very own cosmic configuration as they explore the story of the stars while enjoying three exhibitions in the safe and inspiring Art and Culture Center/Hollywood galleries.

Supply List:

  • Black Construction Paper

  • Card Stock

  • White, Gold, Silver Crayon

  • Toothpick

  • Scissors

  • Crayons, Markers, or Paint

August's Activity

Make Your Monster!

Make your own otherworldly friend creatures with artist Jen Clay. Design a fun or scary monster by making its body, then adding as many movable legs and arms to it in any way you wish. All participants will leave with their own self-designed monster friend!

Each guest will receive their own Time To Play art-making packet with
the following items for their use only:


Additional items, including markers, colored pencils, and scissors, will be sanitized and prepared for one-time use.

July's Activity

Video and editing by Arts Ambassador Khami Auerbach, Marketing and Social Media Apprentice

Create Your Own Felt
Bonsai Drawing!

Create your own bonsai tree felt drawing with Curator of Exhibitions Meaghan Kent. Using colorful materials, scissors, and glue, this STEAM activity allows you to learn about the small tree and how to cultivate and maintain them. 

Project Items:

  • felt squares

  • googly eyes

  • fuzzy balls

  • wood dowel

  • yarn

  • glue 

  • scissors

Free Arts! Family Days is funded in part by PNC Foundation, and City of Hollywood General Fund Social Service Agency Grant. 

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