Enjoy free admission to the galleries and an interactive STEAM-based art-making activity at the Center's monthly Free Arts! Family Day. Presented on the third Sunday of every month, Free Arts!  engages visitors of all ages in a theme-based art-making activity that encourages creativity and collaboration among families and friends. 

October Theme: Anything is Fossil-able!

There is so much to learn about fossils when we dig deep enough. We will discover how these ancient rocks are formed and what the preserved signs of life can tell us about the past. Grab your fossil-loving friends and family and explore how different objects can leave its own unique mark with us as you make your own artistic imprint to take home.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Gallery Open: noon - 4 pm

November 21: Feel the Beat!

Music and art will be grooving
as we march to the
of handmade,Japanese-
inspired drums.

December 19: Wrap Up 2021!

Put a unique twist on gift-givin
by creating your 
own homemad
wrapping paper.

Exhibition On View:


September Theme: Be a Honey to Bees

Did you know that September is National Honey Month? Celebrate the tiny, hardworking honeybees who create the sweet treat with us! Bring your whole hive so you can work together to make an inspired bee-watering station fit for a queen - bee, that is.

July Activity Mask Masters with
Guest Speaker Dr. Donna L. Goldstein

Can you tell a story using just a facial expression? Create a mask

that tells a story without using any words, inspired by Dr. Donna L.

Goldstein’s mask collection. Dr. Goldstein will join us for an exciting

conversation about her extensive mask collection.

June Activity
Cyanotypes with Guest Artist Antonia Wright

Did you know you can take a picture without using a camera? Cyanotype is a simple printing process that makes brilliant blue images after being exposed to light! This STEAM-based activity is inspired by Antonia Wright’s work in the exhibition Artists + Identity on view at the Center. Learn how to make these unusual blueprint images with the Miami-based artist.

May Activity

Shell-Abrate! Good Times!

Summer is right around the corner, and your friends at the Center are ready to celebrate! Join us for an afternoon of creating creatures with Floridian flair while learning about what makes shells so swell!

Crab Supply List:

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Markers

  • Googly eyes 

  • Construction paper

  • 1 big circle to trace for the body

  • 1 smaller circle to trace for the claws

Turtle Supply List:

  • Liquid glue