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Masks: From the Faces of the World
Collection of Dr. Donna L. Goldstein

Sat., June 5 – Fri., September 24, 2021

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood Center is thrilled to present Masks: From the Faces of the World Collection of Dr. Donna L. Goldstein in the Community Gallery (second floor). The extensive collection of Dr. Donna Goldstein evolved over 40 years of traveling, covering an expansive study of different regions across the globe. For example, a gourd mask from Puerto Rico, a bamboo bearded man from China, a Malawian mask that indicates facial scarring, and a tortoiseshell elegantly laid with silver from Thailand, all remark on the multiple variations of perception and identity.

For Dr. Goldstein, these masks are ways to journey and explore unknown territories. They capture humor, ritual, morality, and folkloric and historic story-telling to communicate a visual language from not-so-distant places. The selection of masks from the collection is strikingly unique and, comprised together, speaks to the rich diversity in our dynamic civilization as well as revealing commonalities in technique and materials.

Dr. Goldstein is a psychologist with a doctoral dissertation that demonstrated how we can adapt most effectively across cultures. Over time, Dr. Goldstein collected over 100 masks to utilize in her innovative cultural education programs. She has contributed to 28 books and worked extensively in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. She currently serves as a health and wellness advisor to clients worldwide and is engaged in numerous projects to create a kinder and more sustainable world.

Masks from the collection have been displayed at universities, cultural and governmental institutions, libraries, and conferences/events worldwide since the late 1980s.

This exhibition runs through August 15 in conjunction with Artists and Identity: Portraiture, Performance, Doppelgängers, and Disguise in the Main Gallery and Gallery 3. Hands-on mask-making activities are available for visitors to work on at the Center or take home. 

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