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AdrienneRose Gionta: Somewhere I belong


Curated by Aldeide Delgado, founder and director of the Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA)

Participating Artists:

María Martínez-Cañas, Rose Marie Cromwell, CYJO, Naomi Fisher, Diana Larrea, Silvia Lizama, Lisette Morales McCabe, Charo Oquet, Nicole Salcedo, Monica Uszerowicz, Juana Valdes, Antonia Wright

Environmental Futures III: South Florida Women Artists brings together master and emerging women and non-binary artists, highlighting the concepts of environmental ecology, social ecology, and mental ecology, as referenced by Felix Guattari's book The Three Ecologies. Guattari's contribution to ecology studies resides in what he calls the ecosophical perspective– an extended definition of ecology beyond environmental concerns to address human subjectivity and social relations. In his words, the ecosophical perspective includes unifying objectives, such as the struggle to end deforestation or the proliferation of nuclear industries, but alsoquestions of racism, phallocentrism, the disastrous legacy of 'modern' town planning, etc. This theoretical framework is very useful in approaching how South Florida women artists have documented the environment as natural, social, and subjective, departing from a palpable sense of ecological crisis.


The exhibition will also honor and celebrate visual artist Silvia Lizama who has lived in Hollywood for more than 37 years.


Environmental Futures III: South Florida Women Artists is curated by Aldeide Delgado, (WOPHA Founder & Director) and Meaghan Kent (ACCH Curator of Exhibitions). The exhibition team includes Mercede Hankins, Arts Administrator and Curatorial Assistant for the project (WOPHA), Francisco Maso, Creative Director (WOPHA), and Sandra Iafrate, Curatorial Assistant (ACCH).

Photo Credits:

  1. Silvia Lizama. Palmetto Extension III. Hand-colored gelatin silver print. 15 x 15 in. Courtesy of the artist.

  2. María Martínez Cañas. Flight X (Hospital Bed). Photogram on photo linen. 72 x 48 in. 1998. Courtesy of the artist.

Aldeide Delgado is a Cuban-born, Miami-based independent Latinx art historian and curator, founder & director of Women Photographers International Archive (WOPHA). She has eight years of experience writing, curating, and presenting at art history forums centered around photography, including lectures at institutions such as the Tate Modern, The Clark Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), DePaul Art Museum, King’s College London, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), and The New School. Delgado is a recipient of the 2023 Ellies Creator Award, 2019 Knight Arts Challenge award, the 2018 School of Art Criticism Fellowship by SAPS - La Tallera, and the 2017 Research and Production of Critic Essay Fellowship by TEOR/éTica. Delgado conceptualized the world’s first-ever feminist photography collective conference, WOPHA Congress: Women, Photography, and Feminisms (November 17-20, 2021). She publishes and curates from feminist and decolonial perspectives on crucial topics of the history of photography and abstraction within Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx contexts. She is also the author of "Becoming Sisters: Women Photography Collectives & Organizations" (2021). Prior to founding WOPHA, Delgado created the online feminist archive Catalog of Cuban Women Photographers, the first comprehensive survey of Cuban photography history highlighting women’s contributions from the nineteenth century to the present. She is an active member of PAMM’s International Women’s Committee and PAMM’s Latin American and Latinx Art Fund, US Latinx Art Forum, the Lucie Foundation Advisory Board, and the steering committees of the Feminist Art Coalition and Fast Forward: Women in Photography. Currently, she is pursuing an MA in Liberal Studies at Rutgers University.

Environmental Futures III South Florida Women Artist is funded in part with support from Funding Arts Broward (FAB!).

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