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Boy Kong


2020, Acrylic on arches paper, 30 x 20 in

Click on the image for full view.

#BoyKong is a self-taught multi-media artist. Raised in Florida (b.1993, Orlando) and of Chinese-Vietnamese heritage, his growing body of work draws inspiration from a vast array of styles, from Folk and Graffiti to Ukiyo-e and Surrealism, and employs a multitude of disciplines including watercolor, painting, illustration, collage, assemblage, sculpture, and mural art both small- and large-scale.

Boy Kong's distinct aesthetic knows no boundaries; its distinction, in fact, stems from his penchant for variety and his endless exploration of color in both theory and practice. He will frequently conflate and blur the lines between animal, mineral and vegetable when composing his subjects, which are further enlivened by his use of pastels and neons, lending the final works an electric-cum-folklore-ish quality of his own design.

His work has been exhibited in a number of solo and group shows throughout the United States since 2012; he has had murals and other original works commissioned by Google, the Audubon Mural Project, University of Central Florida, The New Republic magazine, The LISA Project NYC, among many others, both in America and abroad; and is included in the corporate collections of Nike, WeWork, Rag & Bone, and more.

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