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Duane Brant


2015, Clay, glazes, oxides, Japanese dwarf bonsai tree, soil, 8 x 21 x 18 in

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Duane Brant’s life has been art, his work includes collaborative projects, performance, installations, and using an extensive variety of media for both two dimensional and sculpture projects. A member of the art group; Kunstwaffen 2021 (German word translates to ‘artificial weapons’) creating spectacles using sound, dance and installation. From the personal to the political the work has been an exercise through satire, humor and the absurd. Brant has degrees from the University of Montana  (BA, ceramics) and the University of Wyoming. (MFA, ceramics, performance, installation).  He has been awarded museum grants, Fulbright Fellowships to UK and Japan, New Forms Regional Grant, Wyoming state art fellowship, with many projects documented and reviewed in national publications. His professional practice includes extensive practice through teaching, lectures, stage performances, workshops from an hour to one day, a week and longer, with events at universities, museums, community venues and international art festivals. Brant’s work has been collected by private collectors and museums.

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