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Joana Fischer


2021, Ink on mylar, 11 x 14 in

Click on the image for full view.

Joana Fischer’s delicate and intricate works combine drawing and painting, and are filled with technical, visual and conceptual juxtapositions and dualisms. The imagery in these collage-like creations reveals intertwined, connotative dream landscapes and explores environmental and existential themes. These invite the observer to roam freely beyond the canvas.

Fragments taken out of context and assembled together in a new creation: Urbanism and nature, inside and outside, specific locations and open areas, near and far, silence and commotion, superposition and exposure, resolution and desire, ease and self-absorption. With partially hidden details peeking out from behind, Fischer creates more than just visually complex and beautiful artwork—she also engages in narratives that inspire the observer to think, dream, discover, and revel in nature.

Joana Fischer is a German-born artist who makes her home in Miami, Florida. She studied fine arts at the Münster Art Academy in Germany and continued her studies in Aix-en-Provence, France, on a study abroad scholarship. Fischer is the founder of the artist collective THE LINE MIAMI, an artist collective aiming to connect artists for collaborative exhibitions, site-specific projects and installations all over the globe. It encourages creative exchange and skill development among the participants. The focus lies on contemporary, diverse and non-traditional drawing in combination with other media.

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