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John DeFaro


2021, Pencil, ink, acrylic on cranes lettra paper, 22 x 22 in

Click on the image for full view.

John DeFaro is a multidisciplinary visual artist and designer. John’s work as a visual artist was first influenced as a youth in an apprentice type of mode from his one-on-one connections with renowned artists who were neighbors in the Hamptons, NY. His work has moved in new directions in installation, drawing and painting that return him to his initial impulses focused on the environment, nature and found materials. His recent pandemic “Moving Heart” series of drawings and paintings aid as a testament to the word ‘love’ and the commercial creative practices of many contemporary artists, who often must take on such work in order to survive in capitalist society. Ultimately, however, it is about the psychology of kitschy collectibles and graphics, and why people seek them out as representations of our deepest, most profound emotions.

In 2020 John was awarded the Americans for the Arts COVID relief grant. In 2015 John was selected by curator Carol Jazzar for the exhibit Into the Wild at Miami-Dade Kendall Campus Gallery, in 2014 a wall sculpture for the Boca Raton Museum 63rd Annual All Florida Juried Competition.

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