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Judy Polstra


2016, Mixed wood, watches, ink, enamel paint, 37 x 16 x 16 in

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Judy Polstra, who currently resides in Tamarac FL, is a self- taught artist who grew up surrounded by art,  books, and sewing. Born in New Mexico in 1965, she grew up in North Canton, Ohio where her mother  taught her hand embroidery basics at age 7. Her mother was both a seamstress and an oil painter who  inspired her daughter to create from a very young age. While Polstra received her BA in business studies,  she never lost her passion for the arts. Polstra previously focused on mixed media sculptures and has  exhibited and been collected throughout the United States, Italy, and Australia. Polstra now dedicates her artistry to her hand embroidery roots and is represented by Paul Fisher Gallery in Palm Beach,  Florida.

“Life” chair (2016) is a mixed media wooden chair covered with vintage watches Polstra collected and  was gifted over the years. Included are song lyrics in ink about life changes including the Byrds “Turn,  turn, turn” and David Bowie’s “Changes” to name a few.

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