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Michelle Lisa Polissaint


2017, Archival C-print 14 x 11 in Edition 1 of 5 + AP

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“At its simplest and most honest, my work responds to my experiences. Utilizing photography, textiles, and community engagement, my practice reflects the world through my black, queer, Haitian lens — moments between sheets, a neighbor walking past, a lovingly prepared meal shared with friends and strangers. Through reflections on personal experiences, be it loneliness, injustice, heartbreak, or the ephemeral, intangible feeling of a light breeze or a break in the ocean, it is my hope that my work connects to the broader and unifying experience of being human.”

Michelle Lisa Polissaint is a Haitian-American visual artist & arts organizer based in Miami, Florida. She is a resident artist at Bakehouse Art Complex and is represented by Spinello Projects. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida International University with a concentration in Photography and Fiber-based painting with a minor in Art History. She has also completed coursework in non-profit management at Johns Hopkins University.

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