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Carola Bravo is a Venezuelan-American artist, architect, and cultural activist who lives and works in Miami. Bravo holds both a Ph.D. in Architecture and an MA in Art History from Central University Venezuela, and a BS in Architecture from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her artwork ranges from immersive site-specific video and art installation to public art with a solid architecture background. Bravo's work explores how we experience and relate to spaces, setting up ageometric ordering tied to history, memory, and time. In her video performances, topographic wall drawings, studio work, and site-specific public interventions, she maps out dense accumulations of fine lines, a powerfully symbolic act for the artist. Her solo exhibitions in Miami include shows at the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, The Frost Art Museum, and The Screening Room. Awards include the Public Art Award from the XI Architecture Biennale in Venezuela; the Lorenzo Il Magnífico Award from the VII Biennale Internazionale dell' Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy; and the First Prize from the 24th National Aragua Salon in Venezuela. In 2014, she founded HARTVEST PROJECT, an art venture to promote art appreciation and collecting.


Carola Bravo

Paper Thoughts Series, 2022

Drawing on vellum and threads

14” x 11"

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