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Deborah Perlman was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is currently based in Hollywood, Florida. She received a BFA in sculpture from Boston University and an MFA in sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has exhibited her work and won several awards (nationally, regionally, and online) and has been featured in a number of art publications.

Depicting an ‘almost-but-not-quite-real’ world somewhere between authentic and imagined, her artwork celebrates ambiguity, sliding in and out of reality, compelling the viewer to challenge established ideas and ask: what is it? where is it? And, do they find themselves in it – or not?

Influenced by her training, Perlman creates paper sculpture in bas-relief, building three-dimensional forms and adhering each element to the base. She then juxtaposes the forms and shapes to highlight their points of contact and the shadows they cast.

Perlman notes, “Morning Walk was inspired by the spaces, colors and shapes that surrounded me during early pre-dawn walks through my neighborhood. While I had passed these homes and walkways many times before, I was seeing their shapes and juxtaposing walls in an entirely new way. I built Morning Walk to emphasize these spatial dynamics, with the hope that the viewer would consider and ponder the imagined space I created.”

This work is professionally framed and ready for hanging. To preserve the sculptural dynamic of this work, there is no glass or Plexiglas on the frame. A varnish coating has been applied to the surface to protect the work from dust and moisture.


Deborah Perlman

Morning Walk, 2021


27” x 23” x 2”

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