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“Pop Cat! is my ambassador for all animals in shelters. He is on a mission to help all cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds find good, loving homes. Always moving forward, he encourages people to “adopt, not shop” and reminds them to have their pets spayed and neutered. This “Pop Cat!” is an acrylic painting on canvas. He has been featured on various rescue groups calendars and baseball hats over the years. Apart from a large hand latch hooked area rug bearing his image, this original acrylic is the last painting of my “Pop Cat” collection.” -Judy Polstra

Judy Polstra is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Florida. Her embroideries on vintage garments and fabrics focus on women’s issues. Judy’s mother taught her hand embroidery at age 7, and she returned to this art at age 49, inspired by our current political climate.


Judy Polstra

Pop Cat!, 2015

Acrylic on canvas

27” x 33”

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