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Rosa Naday Garmendia was born in Cuba, raised in Miami, and is currently based in South Florida. Her interest in art began at a very young age, as a form of escapism. That interest evolved into various post-secondary studies in several institutions focused on fine art, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, design and ceramics. As a socially engaged, visual artist, she produces work at the nexus of contemporary art and social action and her work is rooted in social issues. Rosa Naday Garmendia’s practice can be traced to her upbringing and experiences as a multi-ethnic Cuban woman, an immigrant and an industrial worker raised in Miami. She has kept a studio practice since 2004, and she uses a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, collage, installations, digital photography, sculpture and mural painting. Since 2008, she has balanced her studio practice with her position as a museum educator at the Perez Art Museum Miami.


Rosa Naday Garmendia

Traveling to Cuba, a postcard project- Cuban Stamps

2014-2018, Digital print

17.5” x 22”

Rosa Naday Garmendia

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