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Bonney Goldstein

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

“Through the use of mixed media my work stands as a visual history of the travel from childhood towards adulthood. The scars, joys and struggles of growing up in the 50s with a certain set of rules, and coming into adulthood in the 80s when the rules changed and life became very different from the world that I was raised in. The textures, cavities, color against color, scratches and words suggest that struggle. As I age, my figures seem to disappear as I am reminded that I too am becoming invisible. My work suggests the vulnerability of being shaped by the collective consciousness surrounding us.” - Bonney Goldstein

Bonney Goldstein currently lives and works in Fort Lauderdale. She received a BS from Mills College in California and an MFA from Goddard College in Vermont. Goldstein has had her works shown in galleries including the Anderson O’Brian Gallery in Nebraska, the Morpeth Gallery in New Jersey, the Olson/Larsen Gallery in Iowa, and the Van Ward Gallery in Maine. She has previously won the National Art Encounter Competition.

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