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Elle Schorr

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

Growing up in New York, Elle Schorr has always been excited by contemporary art, architecture, and the power of photography. After detouring to pursue a career in clinical social work, Ms. Schorr returned to exploring the world through a camera. Today, her photographs are primarily of urban life, both north and south, where she often seeks to convey the energy of the city by looking in store windows, finding complex stories of time and place, people, and architecture, hopes and dreams. These windows also reflect the world outside. She’s learned to look at both simultaneously, composing photographs in which inner and outer worlds collide, overlap, and interfere, based on shadow and light, time of day, and the look and feel of a particular part of the city. These chance convergences can sometimes defy logic and enter the realm of magic and mystery.

Her multiple perspective / single exposure photography have been included in many juried and invitational exhibitions, and are in private collections throughout the eastern US. For the last ten years, she has organized and hosted a series of Art Salons, presentations by leading South Florida artists, which are open to all, and are now virtual. She has curated five large multi-artist

exhibitions in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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