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Harold Kahn

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

Native New Yorker Harold Kahn moved to Florida in 2021 and brought with him both his large and small-scale wall sculptures. Fabricated in a series in one specific material, such as sheet metal, wood, clay, plaster, wax, or handmade paper, installations of his work have appeared in a variety of venues in the New York metropolitan area. His work is in the permanent collection of Yeshiva Unversity Museum as well as in private collections. Kahn's formal art education began at the Visual Arts Center in Beersheva, Israel. He holds a BFA from Queens College of the City University of New York and an MFA in sculpture from the State University of New York at Albany. His education also includes an AB degree from Columbia University and studies at the School of Architecture of the University of Washington in Seattle. 

Composition #1 on view here for Exposed 2023 is composed of a number of different woods. Both the color and grain of the wood function much like a color palette functions for a painter. In addition, a coating of polyurethane in selected areas of the artwork has the effect of doubling the number of colors of the various woods, thus affecting the total composition. This technique resulted from previous experience in sandblasting kiln glass, where a different coating to the surface of the material added another color and dimension to the work. 

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