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Jeanne Jaffe

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

Jeanne Jaffe currently lives and works in South Florida as a multi-disciplinary artist working in installation, sculpture, and stop-motion animation. Her work is influenced by an interest in language, literature, psychology, and history and explores how we construct identity, our world, and our value systems. Works by Jaffe have been exhibited nationally and internationally at such places as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art Museum; the Delaware Art Museum; the Hillwood Art Museum; the Mino Washi Ikari Museum in Japan; the Michener Art Museum; The Royal Scottish Academy of Edinburgh, Scotland; the Seok Dang Museum of Art in Korea; and the London Craft Council Gallery in England. During her time in South Florida, she has shown at LNS Gallery, Doral Art Museum, Coral Springs Art Museum, IS Projects, IPC Artspace, Hollywood Art and Culture Center, FAT Village, the Arts Warehouse, the Camp Gallery, the Mexican Consulate, and Collective 62. Her work has been reviewed extensively, including in Art in America, The New York Times, and Sculpture Magazine.

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