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Jen Little

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

Jen Little is an emerging artist living in Hollywood, Florida. She paints themes from nature in an imaginative, clean, and contemporary aesthetic. She regularly uses vivid color themes and defined organic shapes that are fresh and full of life. Jen invites you to see with childlike wonder and be reminded that nature gives us a place to find peace, be grounded, and recharge the soul.

Jen was born in New Jersey in 1972, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in 2000. She moved to South Florida in 2001 and continued a successful career in graphic design until 2020, at which time she decided on a lifestyle change to pursue her long-time desire of creating fine art professionally. Since then, she has been working in acrylic, encaustic wax, paper, and other mixed media on canvas, as well as completing multiple murals on commission locally. She has just completed her first solo exhibition at Hollywood ArtsPark Gallery which ran from June 9 - July 26, 2023. Jen plans without a destination. Her free spirit takes her where inspiration flows. She is driven and focused on growing artistically, pursuing opportunities with murals and other public art projects, while also planning to grow her canvas collection with a larger-scale series of work in acrylic, and expanding on her encaustic wax techniques. Jen's deep connection to nature and focus on color harmonies will both surely be continuing themes in her work.

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