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Jordan Massengale

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

“I respond to my curiosities and the quest for discovery by making pictures and objects. Drawing is intrinsic to my creative processes - both as a form of thinking and a process of building while interpreting, misinterpreting, re-contextualizing, re-interpreting, or inventing subjects. I work intuitively, from direct observation, imagination, and memory. I resort to a limited array of approaches, formats, and traditional materials to preserve or retain memories, record experiences, and capture my perceptions derived from urban and rural environments, traveling, as well as dreams and visions. I construct my compositions free-hand and without mechanical aids. What is alluring is how our digital aesthetic has diminished the taste for the artist's hand or virtuosity. The process of building, destroying, and rebuilding results in a tactile picture that conveys a history. I oscillate stylistically between narrative representation and expressive approaches to convey ideas and sensations - thus the subjects that motivate, dictate the medium and process; while considering the intrinsic beauty and ugliness in/of life.” - Jordan Massengale

Jordan Massengale received his MFA from the University of Miami and BJA from the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. Selected exhibitions include “Sketch-Gures,” Miami-Dade College (solo); “Mask: Squash & Stretch,” Flowerbox Projects (solo); “Artists: Better Alive than Dead,” Art@Work, Miami; “Figure/Ground,” Gutsen Gallery, Savannah; and “Figures and Faces,” Las Laguna Gallery, California.

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