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Nick Gilmore

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

Nick Gilmore (b. 1978, Alabama) is a Miami-based sculptor and printmaker. He received his BA in Studio Art from Spring Hill College (1999) and his MFA from Florida International University (2014). From a young age he was drawn to the natural world and originally planned to study zoology; later he worked extensively in the construction trades. These two trajectories factor heavily into his artwork, which often focuses on the interconnectedness, as well as the disconnectedness, of the natural and built environments. He is a 2021 Wavemaker Grant recipient, was awarded Locust Projects' LAB/MFA program in 2013, and was AIRIE (Artist In Residence In the Everglades) Fellow in July 2017. From 2015-2022 he served as Adjunct Professor of Printmaking at Florida International University. His work can be found in many private collections and he has exhibited throughout South Florida and elsewhere, including Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Locust Projects, Dimensions Variable, Turn-Based Press, Swampspace, 6th Street Container, and Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum.

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