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Nina Surel

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

Nina Surel was born in Bueno Aires, Argentina and is currently based in Miami. Surel studied fashion design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and trained in costume and set design at the Teatro Colon's lnstituto de Arte, also in Buenos Aires. In 2001, she moved to the United States and started to focus solely on her art. Her work explores archetypes by incorporating elements from an array of sources. She looks to art history, New Age culture, telluric elements, and ritual practice to address the universe of the feminine with a personal and introspective emphasis. In an ever-growing range of techniques, among them video, photography, sculpture, and installation, she questions the logic innate to vital processes, part and parcel of womanhood and the passage of time. Surel is the founder and coordinator of Thecollective62, an independent art space devoted to creation outside the traditional circuits of art through regeneration that derived from creation and community-based workshops, located in Liberty City, Florida. Her work has been exhibited in institutions and galleries in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

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