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Patricia Schnall Gutierrez

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

Patricia Schnall Gutierrez was born in Buffalo, New York, and received a BFA from SUNY Buffalo in 1978. After a move to New York City in 1980, she continued her education at the New York Studio School. In 2007, Schnall Gutierrez relocated to South Florida, where she currently lives and works. Schnall Gutierrez’s multidisciplinary work draws its inspiration from a self-referential account of personal memories, situations, and emotions. Using distinct choices of mediums, household objects, and materials, she creates an autobiographical account of the everyday, drawing the viewer into an intimate dialogue that often probes questions of gender and sexuality, sharing a unique perspective on controversial issues facing contemporary women and society.

In 2011, RPM Project was established and Schnall Gutierrez came together with filmmaker Rhonda Mitrani and photographer Marina Font to create, what has now become, a large and well-respected body of large-scale multimedia installations and short films. The independent work of Schnall Gutierrez and her work with RPM Project has been exhibited in MOCA North Miami, Naples Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Museum of Florida Art, Appleton Museum, Lowe Art Museum, YAA Museum, Patterson Museum, Burchfield Penney Art Center, and MADA New Media.

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