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Rosa daRosa

Men on Beach_edited.jpg

“same. All art is a language, and it starts with listening. The parameters kaleidoscope from there... ”

Like all people, Rose DaRosa started drawing and painting as a child. And like most artists, kept with it. Graduating from the Ontario College of Art, her early work was lyrical figurative. As a young artist her subjects reflected her growth and experience as a person in this world. Often compared to Goya in sentiment, and Gaugin in color, she explored issues of identity, emotion, and relevance in colorful, emotionally impactful paintings. In recent isolation, Rose daRosa turned her focus to nature. Her landscapes are a meditation and connection away from human endeavor. She has studied and taken workshops with notable landscape artists T Allen Lawson, Manon Sander, Kari Ganoung Ruiz, and Mitchell Albala.

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