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Tom Virgin

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Tom Virgin lives and works in Coconut Grove & Little Haiti. Virgin received an MFA from the University of Miami in 1994. His work in collaboration, printmaking, book arts, and public art often depict shared civic resources such as public schools & national parks. Virgin is the Founder and Proprietor of Extra Virgin Press (2015). “Twenty five years of teaching in Miami Dade County Title I Public Schools offered me a deep understanding of the neighborhoods that I have lived in, and the people that I live with. Teaching has always been a two way street for me. Book arts are embedded in stories, as stories are embedded in books. I am grateful to those who taught me the stories.” Virgin has received recognition from the Knight Foundation, Oolite Arts Ellie Creator Awards (2018, 2019), Artist Access Grants (2001, 2004-2017, 2021/ Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs), and a Wavemaker/Long Haul Grant (2016).

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