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Arts Apprentice Internships (18-25)

Arts Aspire is a grant-funded program offered by the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood. In 2019, the program expanded to offer the Arts Apprentice program, giving young adults ages 18-25 interested in the arts the chance to receive real-life job experiences and stipends for the work they complete. These valuable experiences build confidence and readiness for future, full-time work opportunities, no matter the field or focus.


The program is divided into two sessions, the School-Year Session and the Summer Session. 


Our Arts Apprentices spend the School-Year Session working with their Art and Culture Center supervisors from the Education, Marketing, and/or Exhibitions department two to three times a week on time-sensitive projects in preparation for ongoing programs. 


In the Summer, Arts Apprentices in the Education and Marketing Departments work full time Monday-Friday* supporting our Summer Arts Camp. In the Exhibitions Department, interns support with scheduling and leading tours of our gallery for groups of all ages and helping coordinate future exhibitions.

Every Arts Apprentice will:

  • Gain workplace experience at a cultural arts institution in Broward County

  • Collaborate with other interns, staff and volunteers

  • Improve administrative skills like communication and organization

  • Apply their unique skillset to the success of our annual programs, events, and exhibitions

Qualities of an Arts Apprentice include:

  • Enthusiasm for education, children and the arts

  • Critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills 

  • Integrity and responsibility for the work they produce

  • Ability to work with hands and comfortability getting messy 

  • Advanced verbal and written communication skills

  • Open-minded and flexible 

  • Willingness to grow 


How To Apply:

  • Enter the name of the position that you are interested in applying for:

- Education Apprentice

- Graphic Design Apprentice

- Gallery and Exhibitions Apprentice

  • Upload your resume.

  • Upload your cover letter/interest letter stating why you are qualified to work with the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood and what you hope to accomplish through our program. Please be specific as to goals and skills.

  • Have supplemental materials (portfolios, press releases, etc.) available upon request  

After you submit your application, you will be contacted to schedule a phone or Zoom interview.
Second-round interviews will be conducted in person.

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Education Apprentice 

Reports to: Education Department

Positions Available Beginning: September 2023 - May 2024 


Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the Education Department staff as they plan, prepare,
    and develop programming

  • Creating and maintaining archives of education documents and materials 

  • Performing administrative tasks like logging, scanning and filing data
    and documents

  • Assisting with other programming tasks as needed


​Ideal candidates will have experience: 

  • Working with children or assisting in after-school programs and aftercare

  • Effectively presenting ideas through public speaking and
    interpersonal communication

  • Using integrative technology

  • Working on a team


This position is perfect for people interested in careers in
the following fields: 

  • Education and teaching

  • Performing and Visual Arts

  • Administration

  • Research


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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Apprentice 

Reports to: Marketing Department 

Positions Available Beginning: September 2023 - May 2024

Responsibilities include though not limited to:

  • Drafting and designing promotional material for
    Center events
    and programs 

  • Working on marketing campaigns from start to finish 

  • Updating drafts and projects based on suggestions and edits
    in a timely fashion 

  • Supplying schools and organizations with up-to-date promotional materials for our programs 

  • Assisting with other production or administrative tasks as needed 


All Graphic Design Apprentice candidates must complete a sample project using provided assets to be submitted along with other required documentation such as a portfolio.


Ideal candidates will have experience: 

  • Communicating professionally with diverse audiences 

  • Creating graphics using Adobe
    Creative Suite 

  • Posting and managing social
    media content 

  • Editing photos and videos and using editing software (Premiere Pro and After Effect a plus) 

  • Collaborating with others to
    complete projects 


This position is perfect for people interested in careers in
the following fields:

  • Graphic Design 

  • Marketing 

  • Public/Community Relations 

  • Digital Art  

  • Advertising 

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Gallery and Exhibitions

Gallery and Exhibitions Apprentice 

Reports to: Curator of Exhibitions

Positions Available Beginning: September 2023 - June 2024 

Weekend and Evening Events Required; Ability to travel to events  


Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the Curator of Exhibitions as they prepare for openings of
    gallery exhibitions and artist talks 

  • Help to update visitors guides for upcoming exhibitions 

  • Researching activities/information to target specific exhibit audiences i.e., families 

  • Contacting organizations for collaboration/partnerships 

  • Setting up the gallery space for events and artist talks by moving chairs, tables, and equipment 

  • Conducting research for upcoming exhibitions including in-person artists’ studio visits 

  • Familiarizing themselves with and conducting tours and field trips
    at the Center 

  • Interacting with individual visitors and small groups of all ages


Ideal candidates have experience: 

  • Effectively presenting ideas through public speaking and
    interpersonal communication 

  • Communicating professionally with diverse audiences 

  • Collecting, organizing, and entering data/information 

  • Posting and managing social media content 

  • Organizing and prioritizing calendars of events 


This position is perfect for people interested in careers in the following fields:   

  • Visual Arts 

  • Fine Arts 

  • Art History 

  • Curatorial Work 

  • Museum Studies 

  • Research 

  • Cataloging and archiving 

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Arts Aspire is funded in part by Arts Access grants from the Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation and Hollywood Police Department Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

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