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Create a work of art inspired by animals near and far.

Explore the jungles, everglades, and forests in search of animals, wild and mythical, right here at the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood. Visitors are invited to sketch their favorite animals, real or imagined, from works of art in our current ANIMALS exhibition. Let your imagination run wild through the wonders of creativity.  


Drawing and Watercolor Workshop with Guest Artist Karey Walter


Paper Papillons Take Flight 

Put your engineering skills to the test as we construct paper butterfly gliders to celebrate the spring migration of the monarch butterfly! Challenge friends and family to a creative competition to see whose paper butterfly glides farthest. You’ll also enjoy “welcome back” paper butterflies sent from students in Mexico in response to October’s Family Day when we created other paper butterflies that were sent to Mexico. 


Karey Walter is an award-winning fine artist and visual arts educator at the Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is the current winner of the 22nd Julia Margaret Cameron Award in photography. She earned her MFA in Photography from the University of Utah and has exhibited extensively in North America and Europe. 

“A sense of reverence has fueled my photography of the natural world and its remarkable beauty. I resonate with images that depict a peaceful coexistence between humans and nature. These quiet moments with my camera bring me back to my childhood: exploring, being curious, dreaming, seeing, and breathing in the beauty surrounding me.” – Karey Walter

Karey Walter

Free Arts! Family Days is funded in part by PNC Foundation, and City of Hollywood General Fund Social Service Agency Grant.


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