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Florida Association of Museums Honors John Mabry and Hon. Caryl Shuham

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood's Immediate Past Chair John Mabry and City of Hollywood Vice Mayor Caryl Shuham were honored at the 2022 Florida Association of Museums' Annual Awards ceremony, which took place on Sept. 20, 2022 at the Miami Children’s Museum. Mabry was named “Outstanding Trustee” in recognition of his service to the Center and as FAM states "a person who is a model of good governance with a lasting impact." Hon. Shuham was named “Outstanding Public Official.” This FAM awards category recognizes one individual for their work as a Public Official that serves as a a model of government support of the museum field and we're delighted Hon. Shuham was named the recipient for this statewide competition. The awards event was part of the FAM 2022 Annual Conference and Exposition in Miami.



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