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What is included in a rental?

This depends on the production. We offer full stage theater rentals, complete with professional lighting, sound equipment and staffing. We also offer lobby-only rentals which may include risers, sound and lighting. Please see our Technical Specifications for a complete list of items and services we can provide.

We also offer rentals of the Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood (ACCH) Galleries. Information about renting the theater and lobby, as well as our galleries can be found at: Rent Our Facilities


What is included in rental times?

Rental costs at all ACCH Facilites are factored in by the hour. We offer a discount for 4-hour blocks and also offer hours a la carte. Rentals consist of Load-in, Production, and Load-out times. Load-in times constitute all setup time for production. Start time for load-in is when HC-PAC and Galleries doors open for setup and are strictly followed. Set pieces, costumes, equipment, catering, etc., must be brought in and set up during this time period. All set design must be accomplished during this time period. Sound check must also be completed during this load-in time. ACCH cannot allow rental clients in earlier than the Load-in time that is stated on the contract. HC-PAC Management reserves the right to establish minimum times and schedules for all rental productions.

For stage productions, duration of showtime(s) are recorded on contract and must be adhered to. Production times that are longer than stated on contract could result in additional service fees. Load-out time is reserved for breaking down set pieces and removing all persons from HC-PAC. This must be accomplished within the Load-out time frame specified in the contract and must be a minimum of one hour.

How long will you place a temporary hold on a date I am considering without a signed contract or deposit made?

We will hold a date for ten (10) calendar days. After this time, we will require a deposit payment for the date(s) to be honored. Deposit payment amount is stated on estimate and on contract, and includes a refundable security deposit and a non-refundable reserve deposit of 20% of total cost.

What if I am a tax-exempt organization?

We offer a 20% discount on building rental fees for 501(c)(3) nonprofit entities. This would require submitting current IRS proof-of-nonprofit status for discount to be applied.

What happens if my event goes over the time contracted?

If at any time the event appears as though it will not end as specified in contract, the onus is on the client to communicate this at event time to the Event Supervisor or Technical Manager. ACCH Management will create an Additional Services invoice to present to the client for extra time needed. This will include time for the building, as well as all staffing deemed necessary under management’s discretion. This Additional Services invoice may be paid from security deposit at the discretion of ACCH Management.

What is maximum occupancy of HC-PAC?

Maximum capacity is 125 for lobby-only rentals and 500 in the building when the theater is opened for productions.

Is there enough parking for our event?

Yes, we have ample parking for a full house at HC-PAC. Parking is provided free of charge. Parking map for HC-PAC is included in respective Technical Specs available here: Rent Our Facilities

What are The Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood’s insurance requirements?

The Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood requires General Liability Coverage for all dates at the Theater and Galleries regardless of event. If alcohol is to be served, we require Liquor Liability Insurance coverage as well as an off-duty police officer or professional security guard present during the event. See below from page 4 of contract:

  • The Lessee shall carry Comprehensive General Liability insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, $3,000,000 aggregate, bodily injury and property damage combined. The coverage shall extend to and include any attendant parking, driving areas, and walkways.

  • The Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood, the City of Hollywood, and the School Board of Broward County shall be named as additional insured on the Lessee’s policy with respect to the Lessee’s use of the HC-PAC facilities.

​If booking multiple dates, all dates must be on policy at time of purchase. Insurance can be purchased through the Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood or through a third party. We can recommend as a reliable and low-cost third-party insurer. Please contact Theater Director for any questions regarding our Insurance Requirement. (954.921.3274 ext. 225 or

Is furniture available at HC-PAC?

Yes, we have an assortment of tables and chairs all available "as-is" to clients. A scheduled tour of the facility is the best way to determine if the furniture available will fit the needs of your production. Please contact the Theater Director to set an appointment. (954.921.3274 ext. 225 or

Do you have any props or supplies?

No. All props, costumes, supplies, etc., are the client’s responsibility.

What types of sets can I bring for my Production?

All sets must be completely freestanding or supported with stage jacks. Sets cannot be screwed into stage. Our Technical Manager has final say regarding set specifications and safety requirements at HC-PAC. 

Can I store costumes, instruments, props, sets, technical equipment or any other items needed for my event during days I am not contracted to use the facility?

We cannot store items in our facility during non-contracted hours. This is due to limited storage, as well as liability concerns. All production items must be removed during load-out of event. (see: "What is included in a rental" above)

When do I have to complete total payment?

Payment in full shall be made no later than 21 days before use of the facility. Failure to make final payment 21 days in advance of event may, at Lessor’s option and without notice, result in: loss of reserved date, and/or cancellation of event.

What if I need to change or cancel my agreement?

Cancellation of agreement after contract signing will result in forfeiture of deposit. Changes made to contract are entirely subject to approval by ACCH management.

When can I begin to market my event?

Marketing can begin after contract is executed and event is “paid in full.” Also, note ACCH management must review and approve marketing materials in advance of publication.

When can I sell my tickets?

A contract must be signed, deposit paid and final payment made before tickets can be guaranteed and sold. All ticket sales are the client's responsibility. Please see Technical Specifications for our seating chart.

What forms of payment does Art and Culture Center/Hollywood accept?

All payments must be made by cash, cashier’s check, money order, wire transfer, or certified check; business checks and credit cards will be accepted at the sole discretion of Art and Culture Center/Hollywood management. Payment should be made out to Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood.

May we have our event catered?

Yes! A copy of the food handling certificate, catering license and insurance for catering service will be requested to keep on file from the Lessee. A kitchen access fee will be charged at the discretion of ACCH Management.

Can food be prepared on site?

Food cannot be prepared on site, neither inside or outside HC-PAC. All food must be brought in pre-prepared.

Can we bring food inside the theater?

Neither food nor drinks (except for sealed water bottles) are allowed in HC-PAC theater. However, we have an expansive lobby that is suitable for food and refreshments.

What time can gates to parking lot be opened?

As per School Board policy, parking gates can be opened no earlier than 6:00pm on weekdays.  On weekends we can open parking gates exactly at contract start time.

May we change the furniture configuration in the lobby?

We want your event to be customized to your needs, so we can allow the removal and addition of furniture to the lobby. We require that lobby is returned to its original configuration after event. Please contact Theater Director for any questions. (954.921.3274 ext. 225 or

Can we use our own sound and lights?

Yes, as long as contract contains sufficient time to load in and load out all extra sound and/or lighting equipment. Please note: it is our safety policy to retain sound and lighting personnel on all contracts in order to ensure we have staff onsite to troubleshoot any potential issues.

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