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The annual Early Voices Collaborative Exhibition is a commitment between the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood and local schools and learning centers to utilize group art-making to foster successful childhood learning and development. Since 2019, the Early Voices partnership between pre-schools and the Center has grown to include elementary students as well. Early Voices artists are given the opportunity to create artwork based on intriguing themes like “wonder” and "kindness" and exhibit their masterpiece in a professional, fine art space.

The participating schools will be supplied with a picture book and up to three canvases to inspire their creative process while connecting art-making back to literacy.

3rd Annual Early Voices
Elementary Collaborative Exhibition 

Tues., March 21 – Sun., April 2, 2023 

Theme: “We are all artists!”  

Exhibition Reception: Thurs., March 30, 2023

5th Annual Early Voices
Pre-K Collaborative Exhibition

Tues., April 4 – Sun., April 16, 2023

Theme: “Create more art!” 

Exhibition Reception: Thurs., April 6, 2023  


If you are either a teacher or administrator at a local early learning center or school that would like to participate in this year’s Early Voices Collaborative Exhibitions, please apply* here: 

Apply to Participate in Early Voices 2023

*Participation isn’t confirmed until you receive an email confirming receipt which will let you know the next steps. While Supplies Last.

Apply Today!

Space is Limited.


Early Voices Collaborative Exhibition is supported in part by The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation.

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