The Center Collaborates with 10 Days of Connection

Updated: May 3, 2021

Mission Statement: 10 Days of Connection is an annual community-led challenge inspiring people to step out of their comfort zones and connect with others from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to unite in our shared humanity.

10 Days of Connection Dates: May 1 - 10, 2021

Please join us for a free guided tour of the exhibitions Fractured Landscapes: Cara Despain and Emanuel Tovar and Javier Barrios: Cloning the Ghost. The work of three contemporary artists discusses various issues about the environment with a wide range of media including: drawing, sculpture, sound, and video.

The tour will be led by Meaghan Kent, Curator of Exhibitions.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Tour starts at 12:30pm

Free | Registration is encouraged. Click Here to Register!

About Fractured Landscapes:

The exhibition reveals work by two individual artists, Utah/Miami-based Cara Despain and Guadalajara-based Emanuel Tovar, that use similar methods to create formal and performative work that carry diverse meanings and themes. Despain and Tovar both approach a variety of actions such as fire, video, and photography using materials including rock, carbon, sand, and literature to articulate the fragile beauty of their natural environments.

About Cloning the Ghost:

The work of Javier Barrios at first appears seemingly decorative; flowers, landscapes, and beehives are made in intricate detail. But beyond the surface, they carry social and political undertones in their fictitious narratives. His drawings, sculptures, and installations are heavily research-based, incorporating geography, vegetation, and story-telling. His exhibition at the Center, Cloning the ghost, speaks to the relationships between human beings and nature, artist and work, as it stems from the artists’ three-year obsession with orchids.

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